San Francisco-based company Fireclay Tile has taken a hard-to-recycle element, commonly found in old televisions and computers, and repurposed it to make glass tiles.

Concerned with the way outdated TVs and computers were contributing significantly to e-waste landfill, Fireclay Tile owner, Paul Burns, came up with a way to turn the obsolete Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) from old electronics, into purposeful tiles.

To create the tile, Fireclay separates the super thick glass from each monitor and grinds it down into a fine dust.

Once demagnetized, the glass particles are melted under extreme heat, cast into molds and injected with white pigment to create a light grey colour, which they’ve named Phosphor.

The tiles, which are available in sizes of 2 x 8″, 2 x 4″, or a penny-sized round mosaic, are then separated and polished with either a glossy or matte finish.

Courtesy Design Milk