Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) has launched a way for organisations to demonstrate their leadership on sustainability by calling on them to take the ‘Positive Procurement Pledge’ to develop, document and implement a sustainable procurement policy to govern all purchasing decisions by 31 December 2020.

In conjunction with the International Organisation for Standardisation newly-released ‘International Standard for Sustainable Procurement’ (ISO 20400) that has been designed to ensure that the purchasing policies of organisations are robust and address potential social and environmental issues across their entire supply chain, according to GECA, there has never been a better time for organisations to start their positive procurement journey.

“We want to help businesses and organisations to make good choices and be part of the solution for responsible production and consumption,” says GECA’s Chief Executive Officer Kate Harris.

“Through sustainable procurement,” Harris says, “organisations can build resilience and become future-proofed through increased efficiency and effectiveness”.

The pledge is open to any organisation – regardless of its sector, size, and location – that is involved in procurement decisions and processes, including businesses; government agencies; industry groups; and non-governmental organisations. 

In order to promote full transparency of the process, pledgers will need to measure and prove their progress to GECA over a three-year period, and allow GECA to publicly share their key achievements.