Dutch Studio Marco Vermeulen have created what they are claiming is the “world’s first building with a bio-based façade” in the village of Dinteloord in the Netherlands.

Commissioned by The Horticultural Development Company, the building is a natural gas transfer station with walls clad in bio-resin and hemp fibre-reinforced composite panels.

The panels are made from the biodegradable material Nabasco 5010, which stands for NAtural BASed Composites and is produced by Haarlem-based manufacturer of fibre-reinforced plastics, NPSP Composites.

The hemp fibres are locally sourced, while the bio-resin can be made up of soy beans, linseed oil or even waste from biodiesel production.

Embossed onto the exterior panels are the letters of the elements that make up the chemical composition of natural gas - H (hydrogen), C (carbon) and N (nitrogen).

Courtesy Inhabitat