Thomas Durand of studio Raum has designed a family holiday house in the north of France that incorporates two mobile bedrooms on wheels.

Located on a sloping site in the town of Brittany, the House in Sarzeau was created by Raum to provide the family with a rural escape with the option of both indoor and outdoor living.

The house’s exterior is clad in blackened vertical timber slats that reference traditional farm buildings and salt stores found throughout the coastal area.

The rear of the house is partly submerged in the hillside, while the front facade rises up to provide extensive views from the first floor bedroom.

On the ground floor of the home are two birch plywood cabins that have been mounted on wheels to allow them to be easily moved.

The moveable bedrooms can be rolled outside through glazed sliding doors onto a terrace or fully enclosed patio at the rear of the property for an outdoor living and sleeping experience.

Electrical sockets installed in the cabin’s fa├žade mean extension cords can be used to provide power to the bedrooms even when they are outside.  

Courtesy Gizmodo