Frasers Property Australia and electric mobility startup Ohmie GO have joined forces to provide two Teslas available to tenants at the developer’s Rhodes Corporate Park.

Launched in November, the mobility provider’s aim is to make sustainable transportation available to occupants of commercial precincts. Park tenants will be able to book and unlock the vehicles at any time.

“Tenants and workers at Rhodes Corporate Park have the use of our app, Teslas and charging facilities for use on-demand,” says Ohmie Go Founder, Kyle Bolto.

“Our solution gives people the opportunity to move away from private car ownership, or commuting daily in traffic, to a new era of transport which might include a combination of walking, public transport and shared electric vehicles.”

Frasers’ Executive General Manager Investments, Mark Gleeson, says the partnership between developer and mobility startup provides increased flexibility and access to services for Rhodes Corporate Park tenants and staff.

“Our partnership with Ohmie GO enhances the convenience and connectivity we provide our customers in a thoughtful, sustainable way,” he says. 

It recognises not everyone drives to work, it encourages people to cycle or catch the train, and it means those who do so can still access a car if and when they need, even if they need to take it home for the night. It’s all about the flexibility we provide,” said Mr Gleeson.

Bolto believes companies like his own are the catalyst towards changes in transportation.

“The future of transport is undoubtedly shared electric-mobility solutions, and we plan to continue innovating in this space by harnessing our technology and experience as market leaders,” he concludes.

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