The French government has passed a law requiring all new public buildings to be built from at least 50 percent timber.

The law affects public buildings, implemented by President Emmanuel Macron’s climate action plan, as announced by the country’s Minster for Towns and Housing, to be in full effect by 2022.

Minister Denormandie also proposes to create 100 urban farms titled ‘green suburbs’ whilst adding 90 ‘eco-neighbourhoods’, as part of the Sustainable City plan. 

“The proposal aligns with France’s Sustainable City plan launched in 2009, and also president Emmanuel Macron’s drive for the count5ry to be carbon-neutral by 2050,” according to Builder.

“The comment by Denormandie to AFP was made following his seminar at the Living in the City of Tomorrow event at UNESCO on February 5.”

“During the event, he explained that his decision to introduce the law encouraging the use of bio-based materials was informed by the construction of the 2024 Paris Olympics complex. Any building in the development that rises more than eight stories will be built entirely from timber.”