Hinged panel shutters fold down to blend with the façade of this Portugal home, concealing windows and protecting the property.

Designed by Humbeto Conde, the house is located on a narrow plot next to a three-storey property in Parede, Portugal.

According to Conde, the house was designed to both reflect and contrast the surrounding area and adjacent buildings, which are made up of a group of summer-houses typical to the Portuguese coastline in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

The street facing façade of the new townhouse is minimal, covered in white cement panels and narrow vertical windows.

When closed, the hinged shutters integrate into the building, shielding the ground-floor interior. Alternatively, the shutters can be folded upwards to admit natural light and views toward the street.

Similarly to the panels on the house's front facade, balcony doors at the rear of the building sit flush with a dark wall providing a contrasting appearance to the rest of the white exterior.

Courtesy Dezeen