London architecture studio Make has designed contractible metal street kiosks for the Canary Wharf ice sculpting festival.

Based on the concept of origami and modelled from folded paper prototypes, the kiosks feature hinged aluminium panels that allow the unit to open and close like a fan.

A counterweight system controlled by a winch allows the front of the kiosk to be raised upwards from the base, revealing a plywood skin covered interior with a waterproof membrane.

The folded section forms a canopy to shelter those working inside, while a resilient powder-coating finish protects the fa├žade from vandalism.

The kiosks can be adapted to suit the needs of the vendor, designed for a multitude of purposes; from serving coffee, to information points, to a spot for DJs at events.

Two of the kiosks were installed in a public plaza at Canary Wharf and acted as information and vending points for the duration of the ice-sculpting festival.

Courtesy Designboom and Dezeen