JAYZ Building Solutions has launched a new products line, the TransPack multi-purpose buildings, which can be assembled onsite in just one day at half the costs of conventional modular buildings.

Priced from US$500/m2, the TransPack houses are part of the company’s new iBuild brand, and directed at the granny flat market and mining sector where cost effective accommodation are often sought for.

Each TransPack expands into a 15 sqm accommodation module onsite, but offers flexible sizes in multiples of 15 sqm. For instance, two TransPacks can be ordered if a 30 sqm cabin is required.

Approximately only four hours is needed for the assembly of each module, which are easy to transport: four TransPacks can be packed into a standard container.

“Normally flat pack houses are of low cost, but would take 4 to 8 weeks to install onsite,” explains director of iBuild Building Solutions, Jackson Yin.

“Our innovative design means that our TransPack houses can be packed in containers like a flat pack house during transportation but assembled onsite in a day like a modular house.”

The houses have a cyclone-rated steel structure, and like JAYZ Building Solutions’ Butterfly and InstantSlide buildings , are fully compliant with the Building Code of Australia. They also come with fully insulated roofs and walls, and have a minimum 5 star energy efficiency rating.