As Australians mourn the loss of one of our best-known satirists, tributes for John Clarke and reflections on his life’s work continue to come in.

The New Zealand-born comedian and writer appeared regularly on Australian television from the late 1970s onwards, eventually becoming a household name thanks mostly to the satirical interviews he performed with Bryan Dawe on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair and the ABC’s 7:30.

Clarke’s skits mocked politicians of all portfolios indiscriminately, so it was only natural that one or two popped up involving policy and decisions made by the nation's biggest planning and energy players.

His impersonation of former Victorian Planning Minister and architect John Madden about development in Melbourne is extremely funny, as is his impersonation of former Victorian Premier John Brumby about the Kilcunda desalination project.

More recently, the Clarke and Dawe Youtube channel featured interviews with Greg Hunt ‘Minister for* the Environment’, Malcolm Turnbull on the renewables industry, and an ‘energy consultant’ about the energy market crisis in Australia. 

See five of our favourite Clarke and Dawe skits below:

Justin Madden on Melbourne planning

John Brumby on Kilcunda Desalination

Malcolm Turnbull on renewables market

Energy consultant on energy market crisis

Greg Hunt on major mining projects