3D printing and onsite CNC routing: digitally manufactured homes
3D printing robot forms freestanding metal structures

A Chinese company has assembled a fireproof and earthquake resistant 3D printed home in less than three hours.

ZhuoDa, a Chinese developer and real estate company, manufactured 90 per cent of the building in an off-site factory before shipping it in modular pieces to the installation site at Xian, China. It was there that a crowd of people watched on as the “Villa” was assembled in three hours.

Homeowners will be able to choose from a variety of decorative textures for the interiors, such as jade, marble, wood, and granite.

The building actually took 10 days to produce from initial construction to final assembly, however according to An Yongliang, the developing engineer at Zhuoda, this is extraordinary when compared to the half a year it typically takes to build a traditional villa.

The home is fireproof and can withstand a magnitude-9 earthquake because the modules, each weighing over 100 kilograms per sqm, bear weight independently. The building can also, apparently, withstand wear for at least 150 years.

10-1.jpgAfter the structural framework was 3D-printed, ZhuoDa applies decorative sheet textures to each module before final assembly.

The Zhuoda Group has filed over 22 patents on their technology and is keeping their top-secret material under wraps. However, Inhabitat reported that the company’s vice president Tan BuYong has revealed that the new material is sourced from industrial and agricultural waste, is fireproof and waterproof, and is free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and radon.

Images: Xinhuanet