The upcoming ACA Insight webinar will educate participants on the criteria for submission of architectural work to a museum.

Though there is no Australian museum dedicated to architecture, several institutions are building architecture collections comprising of drawings, key commissioning documents and design sketches. However, there’s dearth of information on how to determine whether an architectural work is indeed museum material; what types of works are being sought by collectors; and in what form the work will be accepted.

To be held on Wednesday, 13 April 2016, the ACA Insight webinar will be presented by Peter Hersh, accountant and partner at Logicca; Brendan Hoffman, construction lawyer and partner, Bradbury Legal; and Campbell Bickerstaff, architecture curator at the Powerhouse Museum.

Campbell Bickerstaff will cover what museums may want and how it needs to be presented to be accessible to future generations.

Topics to be covered by the webinar:

  • What are the obligations for keeping records from legal and practical perspectives?
  • Are files and drawings of prominent or award winning projects to be kept?
  • Can you gift drawings or other artworks to institutions and are such gifts tax deductible?

ACA Insight webinar details:

Date: Wednesday, 13 April 2016

WA 10.30am registration for 11am - 12 noon

NT 11am registration for 11.30am - 12.30pm

SA 12 noon registration for 12.30pm - 1.30pm

NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas, Qld 12.30pm registration for 1pm - 2pm

CPD: 1 hour formal CPD