Faulders Studio has completed an overhead sculptural canopy at the main entrance to the Portland State University’s Science, Teaching, and Research Centre.

Inspired by light-filtering effects and spatial layering, the ‘Entrium Light Cloud’ comprises of a dynamic arrangement of curving aluminium fins, which have been laser cut into lace-like formations.

Architect Thom Faulders describes the resulting patterns as being evocative of “vectorial weather flows, topographical contours, wave oscillations, and amorphous cellular clusters.” 

The asymmetrical contours of the entrium create open voids in the lightweight canopy, allowing daylight to filter onto the building’s entry platform and stairs.

On overcast days the aluminium surface produces a subtle reflective glow, while on sunny days its geometric shadow is cast upon the ground and adjacent walls.

The canopy also appears to optically transform from an open to closed structure when viewed from different angles and distances.

Courtesy Faulders Studio & Designboom