An unusual spiral structure in Shenzhen is offering visitors the opportunity to explore nature in all its magnificence as they ascend the steps to the top.

Designed by Chinese architecture studio Doarchi for their client OCT Group-Guangming Modern Farming, the Tower of Spiral is located in a high-lying area surrounded by grass and sunflower fields, and offers beautiful views of the mountains in Shenzhen.

At the base of the spiral tower is a pool designed for irrigation. The spiral staircase wraps around this pool and ascends 15 metres to the top through a series of shallow steps that twist 810 degrees and are supported by steel columns. The ascending space allows visitors to observe and experience the natural landscape at different levels as they climb, with the steps ending at a lookout point.

The spiral tower is encased in a concertina-like steel shell, with the upper sections covered with PTFE film and the lower section with tensioned metal mesh through which the beautiful views can be enjoyed.

The base of the tower has been created with heavy white stone to support the lightweight frame of the staircase.

The open tower top allows light and rain to enter the spiral staircase and stream down into the pool. As they climb the steps, visitors can have a view of the blue sky above and their reflection in the pool.

Source: Dezeen.

Project credits:

Architects: Doarchi

Lead architects: Penn Ding, Oliver Li

Design team: Jiajia Tang, Zhiyuan Liu

Engineering: Jianbo Miao, Tong Chen, Dacang Li

Collaborators: IMBOX

Photo by Schran