Online design hub Contemporary is celebrating the complete design experience at the upcoming Wine In Design 2016 in Perth.

Wine In Design 2016 hosted by Contemporary is an immersive and expertly curated exploration of the best that Perth’s growing design community has to offer. Collaborating with creators of local food, fashion, jewellery and fine art, Wine In Design showcases Western Australia’s finest design showrooms in the heart of the capital as it celebrates Perth as a truly global design destination.

As part of its continuous endeavour to support Perth’s creative community, Contemporary is hosting Wine In Design with the event featuring a broad range of activities from heated topical industry talks, designer guests and live events to cutting-edge demonstrations, innovative installations and entertainment, all guaranteed to provide a complete immersion in the design lifestyle of Perth.

The distinctive notes of Western Australia’s exquisite wines will complement the unique design event.

Contemporary Wine In Design 2016 will be held on Saturday 15 October 2016, 10am – 6pm in Perth.

Pre-registration for Wine in Design 2016 is now open.

Contemporary is a West Australian-focused online design hub that celebrates architecture and design as a way of life, and offers a platform for showcasing industry innovation and encouraging collaboration.