Ethos Urban has announced the launch of Ethos InSite, a data-driven platform that informs subscribers about the latest planning policy changes and connects them with experts to advise them about the potential impact for sites. 

“We are excited to launch our new, innovative digital platform to keep our clients ahead of the game with policy changes that can affect their sites and unlock potential redevelopment opportunities nationwide,” says Danny Van D’huynslager, Ethos Urban CEO. 

“Subscribers now have this important information delivered rapidly and automatically to their inbox – this enables them to be on the front foot about these decisions to enable strategic management of property portfolios.”

Planning policy changes can have a significant impact on property values due to changes in permitted land use or development controls. 

“By providing the latest information about these important changes, we ensure subscribers are well-informed of the potential impact on their sites. Our experts work with subscribers to discuss these policy changes so they can move quickly and confidently to protect existing or potential value.” says Van D’huynslager.

Sites can be registered today to receive email updates about changes to state and local government policies, such as new strategic plans or local development controls, among others.