New research on the Green Building Materials Market has been released by Transparency Market Research and provides an in-depth analysis of the global green building materials industry.

The report separates the market into applications, end-users and regions while also providing forecasts and estimates for each.

A detailed forecast and analysis of the revenue for the period 2013 to 2019 is also provided.

Insulation application is the largest segment in the green building materials and accounts for the largest part of the market share in 2012. Cellulose, cotton, fibreglass and mineral wool are capturing the insulation market because of their excellent properties.

Green roofs with eco-friendly materials have also driven the growth of the roofing application segment.

Regulations regarding indoor environment quality and health hazards has seen interior finishing materials such as eco-friendly carpets, recycled tiles and VOC–free glues and paints increase.

Materials such as wooden structures, steel with recycled content, autoclaved aerated concrete, engineered lumber and structural insulated panels for framing applications are expected to replace conventional materials.

It is expected the interior finishing and framing applications are expected to grow over the period.

The end-user market can be split into public facilities, education, commercial and industrial, healthcare, R&D centres, residential, and others. Public facilities were the largest segment and are expected to maintain the highest share of volume in 2019.

With extensive industrial development, expansion projects and growing population in the Asia Pacific region, R&D centres and residential are expect to be the fastest growing segment in the next five years.

Major geographic areas covered in the report include Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and Rest of the World (ROW). 

Additionally, the report provides a detailed analysis of the various factors influencing the green building materials industry with the help of Porter’s five force analysis. It helps to understand the degree of competition in the market. The report also looks at the value chain and the various drivers and restraints of the green building materials market.

To access a copy of the report, it can be found on the website.