San Fransisco-based startup Emberlight has produced a lightbulb attachment with the ability to turn any dimmable bulb into a smart light, which users can then operate using their smartphone.

The Emberlight attachment is designed to screw directly into any standard lightbulb socket and works with any existing dimmable bulb, including incandescent bulbs, halogens, dimmable CFLs, and dimmable LEDs.

Once installed, the Emberlight can connect to a smartphone via the home’s Wi-Fi and be controlled from anywhere in the world using an app on the linked device.

Emberlight users will be able to dim or turn the lights on and off from their phone, configure a variety of “mood” presets, set up a vacation mode for turning lights on and off while away, and even configure a bulb to gradually get brighter so it can function as a more natural alarm clock.

The team is also working on a feature that will allow bulbs to turn on or off as you enter and exit a room.

An Emberlight Kickstarter campaign is currently being held in an effort to raise $50,000 to bring the product to manufacturing.

Courtesy Architizer