Artist Joris Laarman has invented the Makerchair, a 3D printable chair designed out of jigsaw puzzle pieces.

The chair is made up of 202 black and white puzzle pieces that are individually printed and snapped together to form the standard size, curvy chair structure.

In a scheme he refers to as “the world’s first crowd fabricated chair”, Laarman has made the Makerchair blueprints available to download for free, so anyone with a FDM based 3D printer handy can have a go at constructing one for themselves.

For those thinking a 202 piece 3D puzzle sounds too ambitious, a modified version using just 77 pieces is also available.

The process for the smaller chair is expected to take about 10 days, with manufacturing cost of the supplies estimated at $30.

According to the Makerchair website, online tools that will enable people to customize the chair’s shape, size and colour are currently in development.

Video: Joris Laarman Lab via Bits and Parts

Courtesy Home Crux and Bits and Parts