Over the years the legacy of INXS has been celebrated with the likes of re-releases, biopics, documentaries and books. In recent news though, designs have been revealed for a museum dedicated to the iconic Aussie band. 

According to the Northern Star, the proposed building for Ballina on New South Wales’ north coast has been designed in the shape of a large ‘X’. Further buildings could be added in the future to spell INXS.

The designs for the museum were unveiled at a meeting last Tuesday hosted by the Northern Rivers NSW Business Chamber. At the meeting, INXS’ manager, Christopher Murphy, and project partner Sara Szabo showcased their plans and what it would entail.

The museum will incorporate a number of interactive exhibition spaces, working rooms, a café and arts spaces. A ‘Wembley Room’ – featuring a double-height glass ceiling – will boast holograms and footage from the band’s 1991 show at the London stadium.

Reports suggest that the Chamber and Ballina Shire Council see the economic potential and benefits of the project, but must also be supported by the locals to be truly successful.