The Alternative Technology Association is organising a unique speed dating event that aims to connect participants with building design professionals.

Funded by a City of Sydney environmental grant, the free speed dating event, ‘Speed Date a Sustainable Expert’ aims to connect people interested in sustainable building principles with leading architects and horticulturalists. Participants will be allowed 13-minute ‘dates’ with the expert of their choice to talk about sustainable building, practices and design.

The session can accommodate more than 200 dates within two hours; up to 90 people can register to take part, each with an opportunity of at least two dates.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the event will provide Sydney-siders fast, expert advice from leading design professionals. Participants can seek expert advice on rebuilding or renovating their home, designing a garden or green wall, or installing the latest energy saving equipment.

The experts will be able to provide the best advice about sustainable building and design choices that can help homeowners future-proof their home and their community.

The City of Sydney’s senior green roofs and walls officer, Lucy Sharman will be available for dates to talk about building a green roof or wall and the best way to tackle the task to suit specific needs and budget.

The Alternative Technology Association is an independent, not-for profit organisation that provides residents across Australia practical advice on making green choices at home.

Alternative Technology Association CEO, Donna Luckman said ‘Speed Date a Sustainable Expert’ would be an informative and fun event for anyone thinking about a green home renovation project. Participants can bring along sketches, plans or photographs on their tablet, laptop or in hard copy to receive feedback on how to make their homes more sustainable.

The ‘Speed Date a Sustainable Expert’ event will be held Saturday 14 June 2013, 2pm–4pm at Paddington Town Hall, 249 Oxford Street, Paddington. Entry is free but registration is essential at