The Skycity Challenge 17 is a unique design competition that takes the collaborative route to bring over 100 global citizens to J57, the world's tallest sustainable modular building with a vertical street inside.

J57 is a 200-metre tall skyscraper with 57 floors in Hunan, China, built in 19 days using prefabricated construction techniques. The world’s most ambitious modular vertical city drew the attention of a global audience after it was featured on Youtube and received 30 million views along with 300 million searches on Baidu.

Currently unoccupied, even two years after completion, Skycity contains 17 hollow internal courtyards interconnected by a long spiral bike ramp. The objective of the design competition is to create 17 public spaces for the future residents of the tower.


The Skycity Challenge 17 invites architects, designers, engineers, artists, craftsmen, conservationists and anyone with a great idea to participate in the competition. The challenge spans across all subjects of human habitat, from community design to environmental IOT monitoring, and from fair food systems to fair education.

Online registration for the competition will close on 1 July 2017 and the deadline for entries is 1 November 2017. The 17 winners will be announced on 1 December 2017.

Download an information pack for the competition here.

More information on Skycity here