The Dee Why community in New South Wales has good reason to celebrate, with two years of plans to transform the centre into a revitalised and vibrant destination on its side.

The Master Plan, created by PLACE Design Group in conjunction with associated sub-consultants and the Warringah Council, embraces the area’s desirable seaside location and strategic position on Sydney’s northern beaches.

“The core focus of this project was to provide an innovative, cohesive and sustainable vision for Dee Why,” says Director of PLACE Design Group, Darrell McLean.

“The aim has always been to kick-start Dee Why Town Centre’s renewal process and to encourage both private landowners and the community to respond positively.”

The final Master Plan involves a raft of initiatives for both Council and public land, including built form and land amalgamation options, extensive streetscape improvements, and a strong locally responsive water sensitive urban design narrative.

For instance, new trees, paving, water features, and landscaping are set to go up, while 560 new car park spaces will be built.

Howard Avenue

At the same time, a centralised community ‘hub’, new plaza at Redman Road, and new open spaces including the expansion of Walter Gors Park are expected to redefine the existing town.

Throughout the Master Plan process, the team worked closely with the Warringah Council to create an open line of communication with the community and key stakeholders.

Real-time detail was also provided through the use of 3D modelling and social media presentations.

The Dee Why Town Centre Master Plan was recognised as the Best Planning Ideas Small Projects at the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) 2013 NSW Awards for Excellence.

Judges for the Awards acknowledged the depth of the project, citing the plan as one founded in history, but delivered with a vision framed through a modern and re-energised community living model.

To jump-start the overall implementation processes, a short-term initiative was devised, including a host of immediate ‘pop-up’ parks and urban activation precincts.

Corner of Fisher and Pittwater Roads

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