Take a decrepit house, paint it over in a riot of colours to create a kaleidoscopic art installation, and photograph and scan the work using LIDAR technology before the house is razed to the ground. Then recreate the house digitally and exhibit it to the world as collectible artworks.

Adelaide-based multi-disciplinary artist Dave Court is showcasing his latest body of work at South Australia’s first physical Non-Fungible Token (NFT) exhibition. Currently showing at Praxis Artspace, Court’s solo exhibition ‘House Party’ is based on the Ironbank house in the Adelaide Hills, which has been reimagined through projections onto walls, digital sculptures and paintings using virtual and augmented realities that can be experienced by gallery attendees, as well as audiences online.

“Amidst bold swathes of colour that evoke graffiti and abstraction, Court puts forward art as a catalyst for community, in a time of extreme content saturation and separation,” the gallery noted.

In addition to using LIDAR technology to capture the physical installation in a digital form, Court has also incorporated NFTs into the showcased artworks to enable purchase by interested buyers using cryptocurrency. NFT is making inroads into the global art scene with art being considered as a digital asset that can be traded online. Blockchain technology is used to verify and authenticate these digital art collectibles.

The House Party exhibition is currently showing at Praxis Artspace until 23 July 2021.

Images: Dave Court, 2021