Quantify Technology has gone into partnership with Curtin University of Technology, to transform traditionally wired houses into smart homes using a flexible wall switch connected to the Wi-Fi network.

The addition of Quantify’s technology to the living lab trial is designed to enable better building automation and energy consumption monitoring within the building and to monitor an interactive research, prototyping and test facility.

The test house will be used for people to collaborate and engage directly with the building, to explore performance and data, while serving as a case study for a PhD fellowship with Quantify Technology.

Quantify Technology CEO Brett Savill says that the “venture will explore how Quantify’s Internet of Things technology can add value by reducing the energy used by the home, saving emissions and energy.”

Known as the Legacy Living Lab (L3), the building will have the ability to undergo transformations throughout its lifetime without the need for demolition, catering for further research. Quantify will work alongside other WA organisations who employ sustainable construction techniques to increase building efficiency and reduce material consumption and waste.

The PhD project will be completed through the Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute.

CUSP Director, professor Greg Morrison says, “There is a gap in understanding the benefits that can be gained by the integration of home automation and the energy and subsequent cost saving that can be attributed to the adoption of automation.”