Swiss non-profit technology company CSE has developed white solar panels with no visible cells or connections – designed to blend into the walls of buildings.

The technology consists of a coloured plastic layer that goes over the standard black/blue solar cells panel.

This layer acts as a scattering filter that reflects all visible light, but still lets in infrared rays, allowing the panel to generate electricity.

According to CSEM, the cover works with any crystalline silicon cell technology and can be applied to any existing panel whether it’s flat or curved.

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, the white panels remain cooler than conventional solar modules, helping to reduce the energy demands of cooling a building.

The solar layer is also offered in a range of customizable colours, with CSEM believing the technology could have applications outside of architecture, including in consumer goods such as laptops, phones and on vehicles such as cars and buses.

You can find out more about this new technology in CSEM's video below.

Courtesy Gizmag