Crown Group has had two of its projects shortlisted in The Best Tall Buildings in the World Award for 2021.

Infinity by Crown Group and Arc by Crown Group — both located in Sydney — will feature in the Tall Buildings 100m Category, with the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) recognised as one of the most prestigious award programs in design and architecture.

The CTBUH is considered the world’s leading resource for professionals focused on the design and construction of tall buildings and future cities.

Both of Crown Group’s shortlisted buildings have been designed by Koichi Takada, a recent guest on our podcast, who have become synonymous with transforming skylines and cityscapes in a most creative and avant-garde fashion. 

Infinity by Crown Group, which has already been awarded the UDIA Best Concept Design is a coveted landmark at Sydney’s Green Square Town Centre. The residential apartment tower features a cutting-edge looped shape layout.

Arc by Crown Group contains heritage-inspired lower levels that morph into a modern glass and steel tower, capped with more than a dozen steel arches. The tower includes an eight-storey cathedral-like atrium that rises an impressive 20m above a public laneway, flanked by trendy cafes, restaurants and retail stores.

arc by crown

Crown Group’s Chairman and CEO, Iwan Sunito says the company is proud to be recognised by the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat for both buildings given the efforts given by various employees and stakeholders.

“At Crown Group, our goal is to offer the very best in modern residential living through magnificent design. We work with architecture and design teams who understand the importance of projects that converse with and relate to the environment in which they’re built. In this way, our residential communities are able to stand out,” he says.

“We’re very pleased and honoured that not just one, but two of our projects have been shortlisted. Both Infinity by Crown Group and Arc by Crown Group stand resolutely as key projects in the Crown Group Portfolio.”

The CTBUH Awards program honours projects that have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of tall buildings across urban landscapes. The awards span over 20 categories for Best Tall Building, Urban Habitat, Innovation, Renovation, Interior Design, Construction, and Engineering, with a panel of experts tasked with choosing the winners of each category. 

Winning buildings are judged on the positive impact they have on the cities and communities they inhabit, as well as demonstrating that the projects have added to the hallmarks of design and innovation all to enhance modern city life. 

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