Two Australian architecture firms will collaborate across state borders in the coming years to bring Nightingale to Queensland for the first time.

Brisbane-based James Davidson Architect (JDA) and Austin Maynard Architects (AMA) of Melbourne have announced that they will be combining forces to design and develop a Nightingale Housing project at an unconfirmed location in Brisbane.

The project will be the first in QLD to be developed using the innovative Nightingale investor model and one of a number slated for construction around the country.

Speaking with Architecture & Design, James Davidson, director of JDA says that he expects the project to be well received by the Brisbane community, particularly among architecture circles which is where a lot of the initial success of Nightingale in other states is owed.

“I know a lot of people at my age that haven’t jumped into the housing market because they just don’t see anything that’s quality,” he says.

“I think this will go really, really well. And even within the architecture circles up here in Brisbane we’ve been getting a lot of texts over the last three days because I told somebody at the university – and it’s just gone like wildfire.”

Davidson has been working with AMA on the projects for a few months already and says he’s close to settling on one of a couple of site options.

He will benefit of course from AMA’s experience with Nightingale designs. The Melbourne-based firm has already received a development permit to build Nightingale 3 in Brunswick, Melbourne, which has been so popular that they’ll literally have to turn purchasers away.

Davidson notes that it was his time spent as a developer that drives his passion to deliver something like Nightingale for the people of Brisbane.

“I’ve always had an interest in looking at doing things better,” he says.

“And I believe that the Nightingale concept is doing things better. It’s a really opportunity to try tackle housing affordability.”

Other Nightingale projects include ones from Breathe Architecture and Six Degrees Architects in Melbourne, and one in Western Australia from EDHO Architecture.

To get involved in the Brisbane project, contact either James Davidson Architect or Austin Maynard Architects.  

On Tuesday 4 April at the State Library of Queensland, hear what Jeremy McLeod of Breathe Architecture has to say about Nightingale. This is the third session of the 2017 UQ Architecture lecture. Register here