Cree, Inc. has introduced a series of LED T8 replacement tubes that offer commercial lighting users an energy saving alternative to linear fluorescent lamps.

Launched this week in the US and Canada, the T8 LED is said to be capable of putting out 2,100 lumens per tube for 21 watts of power, or 3,800 lumens for a two-tube fixture.

According to Cree, the LED alternative offers 30 percent energy savings in comparison to existing T8 fluorescent tubes and claims to have the industry’s best colour quality, covering both the 3,500 K and 4,000 K colour temperature ranges.

The tubes boast a 50,000-hour lifetime and are designed to easily fit into existing ballasts, with a near universal driver compatibility of 90 per cent.

Selling in the US for a recommended retail price of $30, Cree estimates the lamps will pay for themselves in energy savings in 3 years or less.

Cree joins other lighting competitors such as Philips, who also recently debuted a LED-based T8 light, in what appears to be a movement towards the adoption of LEDs in the commercial sector.

Courtesy Cree