The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) has announced the Creative Director team for the 2015 Festival of Landscape Architecture, scheduled to take place 15-17 October in Melbourne.

Cameron Bruhn, Claire Martin and Ricky Ricardo were selected as Creative Directors for the 2015 Festival of Landscape Architecture, which carries the theme ‘This Public Life’.

According to the newly appointed Festival Creative Directors, a better understanding of the social and cultural effects of built environments can provide new insights into some of the most important issues facing mankind today from the global to the local, and from complex environmental problems to the wellbeing of individuals and society.

This Public Life will feature speakers from the arts and sciences, both nationally and internationally, and will aim to shift the prevailing conversation from self-reflective to collaborative and critical. The Festival will also encourage interdisciplinary awareness and enhance the public’s understanding of landscape architecture.

The 2015 Festival of Landscape Architecture will explore the production of public life through three key themes:

Life + Death: An exploration of human and natural systems, from therapeutic landscapes to restorative environmental design.

Love + Longing: A consideration of form and meaning, through phenomenology and desire.

Participation + Spectacle: An engagement with the city through imagination and action; from vernacular landscapes to scalar events.

This Public Life will feature a diverse range of events including the National Conference, 2015 National Landscape Architecture Awards, Research Summit, plus an array of tours and fringe activities.