Low carbon experts from around the globe are gathering at the Adelaide National Wine Centre today to discuss how the latest CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL) research is contributing to lowering carbon emissions in Australia’s built environment.

Australia’s only research and innovation hub, the CRCLCL is committed to contributing a cumulative reduction in carbon emissions of 10 megatonnes by 2020.

Now in its final year of funding, the Centre has announced that it is well on track to meet its founding goal by 2020, which will enable a projected economic benefit to Australia of $684 million by 2027.

To be held 19 – 20 November, the 2018 Annual Participants Forum: From Research to Reality hosted by the CRCLCL will discuss how the past six years of low carbon research are contributing to the significant reduction in carbon emissions in Australia’s built environment, along with several other related topics including low carbon solutions, green energy and the construction code.

Topics to be discussed at the forum include: Urban Heat Island mitigation to cool our cities; Blockchain technology for solar energy sharing and pricing; low carbon tourism; the world’s first trial of geopolymer concrete ocean barricades; low carbon schools and precincts; suggested changes to the National Construction Code; low carbon construction materials; cool roofs for large buildings; energy efficient pool pumps; low carbon wastewater treatment; and engaging communities to take low carbon action.

Several international speakers are also scheduled to speak at the CRCLCL event including Professor Brian Collins, professor of Engineering Policy at University College London and director of the International Centre for Infrastructure Futures; and Professor Ivo Martinac – Professor and Chair, Building Services and Energy Systems KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Both will share their expert knowledge and experience in delivering low to zero carbon urban environments from policy as well as practice perspectives.

Australian keynote speakers include The Hon Mark Butler- shadow minister for Climate Change and Energy and Labor Member for Port Adelaide; David Speirs – SA minister for Environment and Water South Australian and State Member for Black; Dr Jemma Green – co-founder and chair of Power Ledger; and Richard Turner, SIMEC ZEN Energy.

The CRCLCL will also host an Adelaide focused industry breakfast entitled ‘Visions for a Carbon Neutral Adelaide’ on 20 November at 7am.