The OMA-designed CMG Qianhai Global Trade Center has broken ground in Shenzhen. 

Unveiled during the inauguration ceremony for Qianhai Significant Projects in China, the mixed-used 360,000 square-meter development will create a Micro-City environment, blurring traditional boundaries between building and city.

OMA / Chris van Duijn revealed their latest project for China, the design of CMG Qianhai Global Trade Center. Conceived as a compressed urban environment, challenging the conventional urban separations, the project, once completed, “will at once be a tower, a cluster, a neighborhood, and a city”.

Located in Qianhai, a new and rapidly expanding central business district in Shenzhen, the mixed-used development is scheduled for completion in 2024. 

Positioned on the intersection of two main roads, three metro lines, and a bus terminal, the building complex will be a Transit Oriented project.

In line with Qianhai’s urban ambition, OMA designed a building, completely integrated into its urban context. 

Comprised of “a collection of slender volumes, cascading down from the center and forming two main towers” connected by a sky bridge, and a hovering cube-shaped building, the project opens up to the Qianhai Bay, the Nanshan Mountains, and its immediate urban surroundings.

Binding all public and private programs together, with a three-dimensional trajectory, the tower puts in place a public cultural platform and a viewing deck. 

Moreover, “the sky bridge’s flexibility will enable it to accommodate gardens, art installations, or events”.