The Nka Foundation is calling upon recent graduates and students from around the globe to enter the 2014 Mud House Design competition.

Participants are challenged to design a single-family unit built using earth and local labour from the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The house will be 30 x 40 feet (approximately 10 x 12 metres) and will be constructed on a 60 x 60 feet plot (18 x 18 metres).

Construction methods such as cob construction, rammed earth, mud brick, cast earth or any technique that can be easily learned by local labourers can be used to create the mud house.

The competition aims to diminish stereotypes that mud architecture is for the very poor and to demonstrate to the Ghanaian population the benefits of using their local Laterite red earth to build homes instead of importing concrete.

Registration and submission of entries run from March 15, 2014 until August 31, 2014.

A current mud house at Abetenim Village, Ghana  Images: NKA Foundation

Courtesy NKA Foundation