French architecture firm VI.B Architecture has designed a group of cylindrical concrete towers to serve as a new base for cement firm Calcia.

Located on the outskirts of Paris, the Silos 13 cement distribution centre is made up of two wide silos that function as part of the industrial process, accompanied by three narrower tubular forms, which house offices, circulation and quality control spaces.

Concrete was chosen as the external material for all of the buildings to promote the skills and services of the Calcia company.

The main silos and the vertical tower were cast using slip forming, pouring layers of concrete into formwork that was gradually moved up as the building grew.

Moving at an elevation change of 2.5 centimetres per hour, this overall process took 3 weeks.

The horizontal structures were created using prefabricated shells that were each delivered and lifted into place within 24 hours.

A variety of polygonal windows framed by yellow aluminium are spread out across the building’s surface, intended to reference the broken stone geometries that are used in making the concrete. 

The Calcia base sits as a landmark on one of Europe’s busiest freeways, passed by an average of 300,000 vehicles a day.

Courtesy Designboom