House P, by Cherem Arquitectos, is a family residence in Mexico City featuring a corrugated façade designed to echo the natural scenery.

The house was designed for Mexican footballer Aarón Padilla and his family of four, who wanted a concrete house that blended well with its surroundings.

Situated amongst woods and hills, the corrugated surface references the verticality of nearby trees and forms patterns of light and shadow, giving the concrete structure a softer appearance.  

A central courtyard draws light into the rooms of the two-storey house, which are arranged in a triangular formation, creating three interconnected wings on each floor.

Cherem Arquitectos used elements of modern Mexican architecture to design the courtyard, but were also inspired by the traditional Mexican patio, which creates a space to reunite elements in the centre of the house.

The use of concrete continues into the home’s interior, with curved concrete walls incorporated throughout.

Shadow gaps have been set into the floor and ceiling so that the walls appear to be floating separately.

Courtesy Dezeen