BVN has designed a community library and multi-purpose facility centred around a new urban park in Marrickville. 

According to BVN, the design creates an entirely new type of community facility that extends beyond the traditional perception of the public library.

Central to the design is the creation of a public space or garden, below surrounding road levels, which provides an oasis from the dust and noise of Marrickville and Livingstone Roads, enabling multiple community activities and public events – from Tai Chi to evening cinema.

Marrickville Library interior

The distinctive floating canopy roof originates from the pitched roof of the old hospital building. It folds out over the new library building and towards the garden, providing respite from rain and sun. Internally a stretched fabric ceiling helps to reflect natural light into the library beneath.

The old hospital building has been refurbished internally and externally to provide library collection and offices spaces, along with outdoor reading areas along its newly reinstated verandahs. New library floors connect via light bridges to the old hospital building to provide open areas to meet, work, learn or socialise. A cafe and community facilities wing opens out to the lawn, providing activity and life to the northern and southern sides of the public garden area.

Marrickville Library will open on August 31, 2019.

Image credit: BVN