BVN Architecture have submitted an amended Development Application with the City of Sydney for a part 6, part 13-storey monolithic brick building for Rosebery, complete with undulating ridgelines and topped with a landscaped rooftop.

67-77 Epsom Road is a rectangular road locked site bound by Epson Road, Bunmarra Street and Magari Streets and Dalmeny Avenue in the town of Rosebery. As with the neighbouring towns of Zetland and Green Square, the precinct is undergoing transition from light industrial development to medium density residential building and as such is surrounded by existing low scale industrial and retail buildings.


BVN’s proposal is for a stepped massed building with storey heights ranging from 6 storeys to the east to 13 storeys to the north-west corner of the site.  They’ve adopted a simple architectural palette with rich brickwork detailing, including corbelling, hit-and-miss screens, rustication and varied joint treatments, which nods to the robust buildings that used to inhabit the area and can still be seen in some parts of inner Sydney.

The building wraps continuously in a ‘picture frame’ formation around the four streets it is bound by to form and internal courtyard. The Magari Street elevation hosts the only ‘ground to sky’ break in the building which offers clear views to the Park from the courtyard. It will contain 267 residential units, 49 services apartments, 17 ground floor retail tenancies and two levels of basement parking for 283 vehicles.


Layers of vertical perforated metal screens and solid metal windows ‘hoods’ are placed around the building while light powder coated vertical metal balustrades, white concrete alcoves and narrow, tall windows also provide difference to the brick facades.

BVN suggest that although simple, the building’s architectural material palette is offset by its strong geometry and sculptural roof lines which contributes to the character of streetscapes and parks. Beyond the brickwork, BVN have also proposed layers of vertical perforated metal screens and solid metal windows ‘hoods’ for strategic locations around the building for solar shading, resident privacy and to control views from the street. Their choice of materials for the balconies, including light powder coated vertical metal balustrades, white concrete alcoves and narrow, tall windows, are proposed to be light in their articulation and also to contrast with the solidity of the brickwork.

Geometric shifts articulate the facade to provide contrast to balcony and window modulation

Similarly, the ground plane designed to be light and inviting utilising a combination of clear glazing to retail tenancies interspersed with recessed brickwork, sculpted concrete entrance portals and regular concrete fins.

Key to the development is the building’s roof which accommodates an ‘active ribbon’ of landscape space - the ‘private courtyards’. These rooftop spaces provide unique and varied communal amenity for the residents, including district views to the surrounding area. It has been designed in conjunction with Site Image Landscape Architects who also designed the internal courtyard and surrounding urbanscapes.


The amended DA is now infront of the City of Sydney pending approval.

The project is expected to cost $87,442,938

Images: BVN Architecture