Sinking into a perfect green lawn, Igor Leal’s ‘Buried Studio’ concept is a proposed workplace designed for the front garden of a residential site in Rio De Janeiro. 

Developed for a client looking to feel like they’re leaving the house to work from home, the main goal of the project is to create a discreet building that doesn’t affect the façade of the existing residence. 

Measuring of total area of just 473.61 ft2 (44 m2) the proposal makes use of the modest proportions. The studio consists of a small workspace with a meeting table, a work table for two people, a micro kitchen with storage space, a toilet, as well as an outdoor area. 

The internal environment is closed by aluminum and glass frames and its floor and ceiling are covered in wood while the walls are made of concrete blocks. the external space has a rainwater catchment grid, allowing collected water to be directed and used in the toilet.

To achieve the sunken space, the garden floor also serves as the studio’s roof covering, creating a seamless line between the garden and the proposed intervention. 

For the first step of the design, a subtraction is made in the soil with an access stair integrated along one side. 

Then, with reinforced concrete slabs, the roof of the shelter is traced with a curve continuing from the lawn of the garden, going down to the below ground level. 

By designing the studio as a continuation of the grass, it is hidden from view, appearing as a surprise in the landscape.