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Professor Laurence Murphy from the University of Auckland will deliver the Festival of Urbanism keynote address and the 3rd annual Henry Halloran Lecture for the University of Sydney.

Being held on Wednesday 9 September at 6pm, the Festival of Urbanism keynote address will examine the relationship between housing supply and housing prices, and why building more houses is unlikely to solve the current housing affordability crisis.

Current NSW Government policy on affordable housing is focused on increasing new housing supply with a view to putting downwards pressure on housing prices. However, despite substantial increases in housing supply over the last few years, house prices in the Sydney market have continued to surge. Other international markets such as the US, Spain and Ireland have experienced a similar situation where substantial increases in supply were accompanied by large price increases.

Murphy is Professor of Human Geography in the School of Environment at the University of Auckland, and was formerly Professor of Property in the University’s Business School. He has published widely on property, including homeownership, social rental housing, mortgage securitisation, office development, the institutional evolution of listed property trusts, finance capital and entrepreneurial urban governance.

Festival of Urbanism

The 3rd Annual Henry Halloran Lecture ‘Myth: Increasing housing supply leads to more affordable homes’ will be held on Wednesday 9 September 2015, 6-8pm at the University of Sydney, Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Regimental Drive, Camperdown NSW 2050.

More information about the event can be accessed at Festival of Urbanism.