The Cooperative Research Centre for Low-Carbon Living (CRCLCL) has announced Brookfield Multiplex, Hassell and Aecom as industry collaborators in a three year project that aims to standardise high performance buildings in Australia.

Appropriately named ‘Closing the Loop’, the project aims to connect the evidence for high performance buildings with decision makers in the construction industry through better business case analysis, professional education, practical tools and guidelines.

The CRC says that Brookfield Multiplex, Hassell and Aecom are committed to delivering high performance built environments, and, because of their industry presence, can significantly influence building management in Australia.

The CRC also said that the project will allow current knowledge to have a practical impact on people and the environment:

“In a nutshell, the program will take over 25 years of research currently buried in journals and papers to create tangible practical tools for the design and construction industries.”

Chief Executive Officer for CRCLCL, Professor Deo Prasad AO described the focus of the collaboration as long-term and considerate of social and economic factors.

“Ultimately our focus is on creating long-term change that not only reduces the impact of our environmental footprint but leads to far-reaching and long lasting social and financial benefits to all,” he said.

The CRCLCL is a $100 million research collaboration based at the University of NSW that brings together property development, planning, engineering and policy organisations with leading Australian researchers.

Their aim is to help reduce greenhouse emissions and to enable a globally competitive built environment sector. They advocate the development of new social, technological and policy-based tools that facilitate the growth of low carbon products and services.

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