Multiboard internal lining boards and external cladding by Selkirk are made from a combination of 50 per cent recycled timber, mineral fibres and fire retardant chemicals.

The pre-primed Multiboard is strong but lightweight and is designed for commercial, industrial, multi-storey residential and domestic applications such as shopping centres, schools, residential homes and apart ment buildings.

The product is easy to install, holds paint and can be ren dered. It is up to 50 per cent lighter than traditional cladding materials, while remaining strong and providing sound-proofing.

MB Expressed is an external lining that gives a distinctive panelled look. It provides a solid surface for decora tive finishes, is cost-effective, versatile and can be arranged in a variety of patterns.

MB X-line is an external lin ing suitable for residential and com mercial applications, including wall cladding, eave linings and fire protec tion walls.

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