Architectural Roofing & Wall Cladding gives a rundown on the use of its product at an Audi showroom.

Q: Describe the product. How does it work? What applications can it be used in?

A: We used 5005 H34 Aluminium 2 mm thick sheet material which was perforated in accordance to Audi’s special diamond shaped pattern requirements and formed into trapezoid profiled panels by our supplier, Craft Metals Pty Ltd.

The aluminium elements have an anodised coating. They are lightweight and rigid, which is ideal for the large spanning, recessed panel elements designed to achieve the futuristic, high performance look of the new Audi dealership terminals. This façade system presents the next generation of Audi’s corporate identity for their showrooms worldwide.

Q: How is the product installed? Does it have any special installation requirements?

A: The build-up comprises of U- shaped 6 mm aluminium brackets and adjustable box sections with reflective long span profiled backing sheets to which spacer brackets are attached that hold the Audi aluminium feature panels. The perforated screen covers generally all parts of the building, including windows, which provides shade to these areas and dramatically emphasises the large showroom window openings.

Q: Is the design new or does it have any unique or innovative features?

A: The façade cladding is based on modules using 2m long and 0.5m high pre-profiled panels. A particular challenge for this building was that it had to cater for irregular deflections due to car traffic and the weight of the cars, which causes the concrete slabs to move.

We divided the entire façade into three separate/individual areas. Their sub-structure was designed to compensate for these movements while the individual elements still had to line up precisely with the large glazed elements.

Special flashing profiles created the visual extension to the two directional curved interior layout and followed the twisted frame of the large window openings.

Q: Was there anything else unusual about the façade installation?

A: Yes. In order to meet the deadlines, our site project manager, Bodo Hinz and his team, had to start from level eight and work their way down with a system that is designed to have the installation sequence from the bottom to the top of the building.

Q: Is the design original. If so, how?

A: The diamond shape of the perforation combined with the panel profile was designed by Audi’s commissioned architects, while the panel elements and the sub structure was project engineered by Architectural Roofing & Wall Cladding Pty Ltd.

It is our aim to cater for all types and finishes of façade cladding systems and we pride ourselves on individual solutions to achieve the best possible outcome.

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