DuPont has announced the installation of its largest photovoltaic solar energy facility at its Pioneer Hi-Bred Waimea Research Center in Kauai, Hawaii.

The Waimea photovoltaic installation comprises 1,500 panels made from several DuPont photovoltaic materials and produced by Evergreen Solar and installed by REC Solar.

The one-acre array is capable of generating around 85 per cent of the energy needs of the research facility.

It is expected to generate 706,205 kilowatt hours (kwh) annually, or enough power for 64 average-size homes.

By using renewable energy, the facility will avoid the emissions from around 100 cars annually, saving Pioneer about $200,000 per year in avoided purchased electricity costs.

DuPont has already installed photovoltaic solar power systems for its R&D and business facilities in Wilmington, Del., and Taoyuan, Taiwan.

The installation was completed and fully operational in December 2008.