NSW Fair Trading has issued a warning to the public to avoid itinerants touting for roof painting work, following reports received this week in the Riverina district.

Fair Trading Deputy Commissioner Steve Griffin said local residents should report to Fair Trading any approaches by itinerants offering to do painting or other trade work.

“Call 13 32 20 and where possible get identifying information including car registration details and descriptions, as well as phone numbers,” he said.

“Reports suggest three vehicles are currently being used by itinerants and one is a Holden Rodeo white twin cab ute with a tray back. All vehicles are white utes with silver trays.”

Griffin said residents should always check trade licences and where possible, use local tradespeople.

“Local traders will have a vested interest in doing a good job because of the effect on their reputation and income, whereas itinerants will take your money and run,” he said.

“It becomes almost impossible to get them back to do any rectification work or to provide refunds on dodgy work.”

NSW Fair Trading ran a statewide campaign last year to urge people not to deal with itinerants.

“No matter how many times we warn the public, it seems unfortunately that there are always people who will fall for the fast talk of a convincing con,” Mr Griffin said.

“Itinerant crooks trade on the trust of Australians’ propensity to ‘get a good deal’. Their modus operandi is consistent — they do dodgy work, demand cash and vanish.

“Itinerants target the trusting, clearly run a convincing line and move around quickly to avoid detection. They will often work in areas close to state borders, so Fair Trading works with interstate consumer protection agencies, sharing information and compliance efforts.