CSR Cemintel’s external cladding solution, BareStone has been unusually specified for the bathroom walls of an architecturally designed home on the south-coast in New South Wales.

Located on the coast in Clifton between Sydney and Wollongong and, perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this contemporary modern house has what seems like a stunning 360 degree vantage and has been aptly named by the architects as ‘Cliff House’.

BareStone, part of the CeminSeal family of products is an external cladding solution incorporating the CeminSeal waterblocking technology.

Product Manager Ben Thompson says, “Generally BareStone is specified for commercial buildings such as shopping centres and office blocks, and it is fast becoming the product of choice for architects who wish to offer a point of difference to customers in residential construction.”

Yet this is where the similarities of most homes and the Cliff House end. The product was used internally for the first time in wet areas such as the bathroom and toilet, excluding the shower recess.

Award winning architect, Steven Isaacs, from Architecture Saville Isaacs, was the principle architect in the design and construction of this project and is known to push the boundaries, try new products and experiment new techniques to keep abreast of his colleagues.

The architect and client agreed that a house in this location needed raw building materials with an emphasis on quality.

Steven Isaacs comments, “Textures are very important which was why we were attracted to BareStone, it is an honest material with such a raw appeal that blended in with the glass, raw timber and the render".

The product is a pre-finished panel which provides a weather tight, durable, low maintenance cladding system. The panels are 9mm thick compressed, autoclaved, cellulose fibre reinforced cement sheets, purpose made for use on building facades.

The product has been tested to AS4284 and uses 1.15BMT galvanised top hats and exposed head fasteners S/S or class 3.

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