Architecture firm Margen-Lab has created a digitally prefabricated pavilion based on a flattened projection of Earth created by Buckminster Fuller.

Developed for the Barcelona FAB10 Symposium, the Endesa World Fab Condenser is a bioclimatic dome created to symbolize the global network of digital fabricators.

The pavilion was designed in a collaboration between the international Fab Lab Network community and then locally fabricated in Barcelona with 100% local, organically grown materials.

Constructed from OSB wood and linen, the domed tent comprises 20 triangular components, each fabricated with CNC machines and configured using a parametric design algorithm that took two months to be developed.

The Fab Lab team referenced the net shape of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion map, modifying the icosaedron shape to maximize natural ventilation and minimize solar heat gain in the pavilion.

A perforated wooden floor also contributes to airflow and a sail-like linen cover allows natural light to filter into the space during the day.

Raised contour-like seating and a small wooden deck make the space conducive to hosting groups of people for social gatherings, exhibitions or workshops.

Courtesy Inhabitat