Biophotovoltaics have developed an alternative and sustainable source of energy, demonstrated through their creation of the innovative ‘Moss Table’.

The Moss Table is a display of the potential of Bio-Photo-Voltaic (BPV) technology, exhibiting how electricity can be harnessed from electrons captured by conductive fibres inside moss.

The carpet-like plants, which sit in the tray of the table, act as bio-electrochemical devices, converting the chemical energy into electrical energy using biological material such as algae, cyanobacteria, and vascular plants.

While still in its conceptual stage, the table can already generate the electricity required to power small digital devices, such as alarm clocks.

The BPV process was recently presented at the Milan Furniture Fair but is also part of a larger research project exploring ways for design and science to meet.

The scientists behind Moss Table predict that BPV technology will one day be able to power larger items such as lamps and even laptops.  

Courtesy Inhabitat