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Belgian architecture and engineering firm DMOA is helping address the refugee problem through the innovative Maggie Program that provides temporary shelter for people in need.

The Maggie Program is a unique initiative that provides forcibly displaced people access to health, education and self-reliance. The growing refugee crisis is placing tremendous pressure on host countries to provide suitable shelter to thousands of people in distress. However most countries only allow for temporary settlements for refugees, so providing buildings that are comfortable, safe, durable, hygenic and adaptable is a challenge.

DMOA's Maggie Shelter is an insulated and adaptable tent-like structure that serves as a temporary but fully functional building and can be used to create schools, community centres, medical wards and temperature controlled warehouses. It is designed to address all the shortcomings of conventional tents while remaining a temporary construction.

The structure of the Maggie Shelter is galvanised steel and aluminium and is put together with low-tech connections and readily available parts. The roof is a reflective tarpaulin filled with insulation and has an air vent in its ridge for air exhaust. Shaded windows wrap the structure and provide fresh air for inside.

Designed to provide a high level of comfort as well as protection against intruders, insects, rodents and dust, the Maggie Shelter can be erected quickly to meet emergencies while its modular concept allows the structure to be extended anytime to meet future needs. The structure can be insulated using locally available materials such as sand and earth, organic materials, recycled wastes or insulation products, helping it adapt to different climates.

Offering smart temperature control, ventilation and daylight, the Maggie Shelter is an energy-efficient structure with a longer lifespan than tents, thereby providing a sustainable low-cost solution to refugee centres worldwide.

For more detail download the Maggie Program brochure here.

Images: Maggie Program