Wisemans Ferry, NSW is the location for a new holiday lodge planned as Australia’s first premium resort-style surfing destination where guests can have access to five-star surf conditions throughout the year.

A 60-minute drive from the Sydney CBD, or 45 minutes via boat from Palm Beach, Wisemans Surf Lodge is nestled within the beautiful surrounds of Australian bushland on the banks of the Hawkesbury River, where visitors can enjoy the lush greenery and views synonymous with the region.

At the heart of this resort-style surf lodge concept is a wave pool roughly the size of four stacked football fields. Powered by US-based wave pool technology, Surfloch, the Wisemans wave pool will be able to generate 2.5-metre waves on the main peak, ideal beginner rides on the secondary peak and everything in between. The wave pool resort is focused on customer experience, offering crystal blue water quality, multiple wave-shape playlists, 17 seconds between waves and 10-12 second rides at the main peak.

The wave pool development also goes beyond surfing, with the complete experience comprising of a 9-hole golf course, 54 hotel suites, restaurant, bar, conference facilities and riverfront access for the perfect domestic escape.

Wisemans Surf Lodge co-founder John Du Vernet says, “As a Sydney surfer, we don’t have access to consistent, high quality waves all year round like other parts of Australia. Advances in wave-making technology can completely change that reality. What we’ll create at Wisemans is a solution to access the types of waves we’d often have to travel overseas for, waves we dream about. We’ve focused on creating a space that thinks about everything beyond the pool, even for the non-surfer, within a resort-like facility in a magical and somewhat secret part of Sydney.”

Set against a bushland backdrop on a beautiful 45-acre property in Wisemans Ferry, the Wisemans Surf Lodge project will include an adaptive reuse of a former hotel built in the early 90s. The design is led by leading Sydney architect and Akin Atelier founding director, Kelvin Ho, who’s known for his work across a number of Merivale flagship venues, resorts in the Maldives and the best of Australian fashion stores such as Dion Lee and Camilla and Marc.

“The lodge design revolves around tactile, yet refined visual language that is connected to the history of its Wisemans Ferry location. This communicates a sense of belonging for guests, whilst also aiming to minimise carbon footprint in each phase of the design process such as solar power operation, the pool powered by green energy as well as use of natural water sources,” says Kelvin Ho.

Wisemans Surf Lodge is not only being designed to minimise environmental impact but will also celebrate the regional community by partnering with suppliers in the area to provide a high-quality dining experience featuring local produce. The lodge also hopes to bring significant post-COVID jobs for the local community during construction and ongoing operations following its scheduled opening in 2022.