A new report shows that the adoption of “green” building certification programs is on the rise in commercial buildings throughout the world.

According to the International Green Building Adoption Index, 18.6 percent of office space in 10 markets across Australia, Canada and Europe is now certified “green” compared to just 6.4 percent in 2007. 

Canadian cities rank the highest, with 51.6 percent of the space in Vancouver and 51 percent in Toronto holding green certifications. 

Australian cities Sydney and Melbourne rank third and fourth in the index. These cities saw their green office space increase from less than one percent in 2006 to more than 46 and 28.8 percent, respectively. 

The top 10 rankings are as follows:


“Buildings, particularly commercial properties, have long been at the forefront of pressing issues like water, waste and significant energy use and the resultant carbon emissions,” says David Pogue, CBRE Senior Vice President, Global Client Care/Sustainability.

“As the attention being paid to these issues grows, green building certification programs are becoming much more prevalent and more important.”